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NEPA Categorical Exclusion Determinations

Categorical exclusions are classes of departmental actions that the Department of Energy has, by regulation, determined do not individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the environment and for which, therefore, neither an environmental impact statement nor an environmental assessment is required. In accordance with DOE’s policy to further transparency and openness in DOE’s implementation of NEPA, Southwestern will, effective November 2, 2009, post classes of departmental actions which Southwestern’s NEPA Compliance Officer has determined are classified as categorical exclusions pursuant to the parameters set forth in Appendix B of DOE’s NEPA regulations (10 C.F.R. Part 1021).

Categorical Exclusion Determinations


Gore Line Building Extension (Part B1.15)
Nixa Land Purchase and Communication Tower Construction Project (Part B1.19)
Neosho to Carthage to LaRussell Transmission Line
Upgrade and Rebuild Project (Part B4.6)

Mingo Ditch Structure Replacement Project, Line 3007, Structures 930-932 (Part B4.6)
Chimney Hill Solar Project Interconnection with PEC
and Interface with the SWPA Tupelo Switchyard (Part A9)

Transmission Line Segment Modification, Line 3004,
Structures 39, 39A, and 40 (Part B4.6)


Sam Rayburn Dam Project Hydroelectric Power
Rate Increase (Part B4.3)

Robert Douglas Willis Hydropower Project Hydroelectric
Power Rate Increase (Part B4.3)

Springfield-Nixa-Tablerock-Grandview Optical Ground Wire Replacement,
64 Miles (Part B1.3(m))

Line 3007 Structure Replacement Project for Flood Prone Areas (Part B4.6)
Storm Shelter Control Project (Part B2.3)
Tenkiller Dam and Norfork Substation Protective Relay and Control Switchboard
Panel Replacements (Part B1.3)

NERC Alert Phase III Transmission Line Structure Replacement Project (Part B4.6)


Allen Radio Tower Construction Project (Part B1.10)
Witts Springs Radio Station Erosion Control Project (Part B1.3k)
Doniphan Substation Backup Station Service Project (Part B4.6)
Doniphan Substation Grounding and Drainage Project (Part B4.6)


Electrical Transmission Line Reconductoring Project (Part B2.5)
Transmission Line 3005, Structure 290 Replacement (Part B4.6)
Transmission Line 3016 Access Road Acquisition Project (Part B1.24)
Short Mountain Access Road Easement Acquisition (Part B1.24)
Moodys Radio Tower Land Acquisition (Part B1.24)
Idalia Substation Grounding and Drainage Improvements (Part B4.6)
AHTD Highway 167 Widening and Structure Relocation (Part B4.9)
AECI Interconnection (Part B4.11)
Electrical Transmission Line Pole Structure Relocation and Addition Project (Part B2.5)


Relay and Switchboard Panel Replacements (Part B4.6)
Hydroelectric Power Rate Increase for the Robert Willis Hydropower Project (Part B4.3)
Line 3010 Structure Movement Project (Part B2.5)
Line Relocation Project for Farrell Cooper Mining Company (Part B4.13)


Erosion Control Project in Muskogee County, Oklahoma (Part B1.33)
AECI Springfield, MO Substation Upgrade Project (Part B4.6)
Electric Power Marketing Rate Changes (Part B4.3)
Idalia to Asherville Transmission Line Reconductoring Project (Part B4.6)
Gore Substation Safety Lighting (Part B2.3)
Jonesboro Maintenance Facility Additions (Part B1.15)
Grandview, AR Interconnection (Part B4.12)
Spectrum Relocation Communication Tower Projects (Part B1.19)
Easement Acquisition, Carroll County, Arkansas (Part B1.24)


Aerial Saw Winter 2011 (Part B1.3)
Spectrum Relocation Communication Tower Projects (Part B1.19)
Springfield Maintenance Garage (Part B1.15)
Aerial Saw Fall 2010 (Part B1.3)
Mining Equipment Transmission Line Crossing (Part B4.9)
Emergency Levee, Bank, and Drainage Repairs (Part B2.5)
Switchboard and Protective Relaying Control Replacements (Part B4.6)
Bennington Communication Tower Site (Part B1.19)
Fire Ant Treatments (Part B1.3)


Access Road Re-clear (Part B4.6)
Aerial Saw Fall 2009 (Part B1.3)
Equipment Upgrades to Bull Shoals Dam Substation (Part B4.6)
Construction of the Nixa Substation Alternate Access Road (Part B1.13)


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